Our country is undergoing an extreme transformation. Between the lost lives, destroyed homes and endless toil from firefighters, our fauna is copping the brunt of it. Some native species are even facing extinction. Given nature’s ever prolonged restoration, I’d love to raise some money for the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

WIRES is the largest wildlife rescue & rehabilitation charity in Australia. It is a non-profit organisation providing rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna. All animal rescuers and carers are volunteers.

Post Bushfires in December of 2019, I saw possibly my last wild koala in Iluka NSW. The poor thing had lost most of its hair, but it was still roaming for food and fully mobile. Some creatures don’t get off this lucky. That’s why I’ve chosen to donate to WIRES and lose some hair myself.

This Friday 17th of January at 8:10 am live on the Brekky show, the beard is Going!

If you want to donate straight to WIRES, here’s the link


Every bit counts and feel free to Give Jamie, Emma and myself a call between 5 am to 9 am on 38920188, to let us know if you’ve donated.

Soul survivor. Spotted in Iluka, a koala with no fur left after the bush fires. In November 2019,


2020-01-15 Brekky Show live in the studio with Jamie Dunn, Clay Cassar-Daley and Emma Mac speak about why Clay is shaving his beard.