Brisbane-based band theBlueShamrocks Country Music Band, have a traditional-sounding country music theme which combines elements of jive, waltz and line dance country music. 

Following on from their debut album, TTT-Tap Those Toes, now with 1million plus plays on Spotify,  theBlueShamrocks new original series of singles are being released from an album, NTSH Nothing To See Here, within the song’s lyrics offer a buoyant and joyous celebration, of music and dance, which leads to excellent musicianship from the various skilled musicians who deliver the vibrance to these highly rated songs.

Exploring various themes, where with dreamy thought’s which may relate to any part of daily life, the songs are sprinkled with fun, optimism and storyline generosity, tracks that are sure to attract many discerning music lovers across the globe.

theBlueShamrocks Band features ageless musical performances, including brilliant evocative violin passages and a toe tapping rhythmic grooves, that reflects the openness of this acute life.

theBlueShamrocks music is produced by Brisbane producer James North, with its unmistakeable universal appeal, is a sort of upbeat sound that feels charming and robust when set against today’s various music styles

Lyrics written by Sam McCaughey, Marion McCaughey and James McCaughey.  

theBlueShamrocks band members range from genres of various music styles inclusive of country music, rock, orchestral and jazz music scenes, their experience is featured within the BIO – Press Kit section below. 

This is a little insight into theBlueShamrocks band