ABC Canberra’s Dan Bourchier opened the program with a rundown of what’s coming out of Canberra, pointing out that “there has never been a more important time to tune into credible sources to get information”.  Dwayne Good, a First Nations business owner followed and said his “head is still spinning” over having to let go of all his staff in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Dwayne, like many other business owners, is bracing themselves for tough times ahead but says “our people are resilient and in times like this we come together”.
Michelle Evans, co-founder of the Murra Indigenous School of Business ended the show speaking about the need for a response from government “the last ten years have seen a massive investment in First Nations business and we don’t want to see this pandemic undo all that hard work”. Throughout the program, Michelle talks about her response and the response of other Indigenous entities throughout this tough time.


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