Let’s Talk… Social Justice with Diat Alferink

This week on Let’s Talk…Social Justice, your host Kevin Yow Yeh kicks off a new series of shows focused on the everyday ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people resist racism, embody sovereignty, and fight for self-determination every single day. Through in-depth interviews with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, artists, and everyday people, this series digs into the everydayness of Indigenous resistance to colonisation: from building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations, to challenging racism at work, and holding the line in whatever way you can. 

This week, Kevin catches up with Diat Alferink from the Torres Strait Islander Media Association to talk about the value and importance of Torres Strait Islander community controlled media, and the role of organisations like TSIMA in supporting justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Kevin and Diat talk through some of the history of the TSIMA, its current direction, and the values and principles of social justice and sovereignty that drive the organisation into the present.