Let’s Talk…Social Justice with Neta-Rie Mabo & Ruby Wharton.

In a special live broadcast, Kevin Yow Yeh jumps into a new and timely series examining the Queensland Labor Government’s “Youth Justice Strategy” and some of the proposed changes to “youth crime” in Queensland.

This week, Kevin is joined in the studio by staunch abolitionists and community organisers Neta-Rie Mabo & Ruby Wharton. Together, they work to come to grips with the 2019-2023 “Youth Justice Strategy:” the “problem” it claims to solve, the way it’s being framed in political discourse, and some of the tools and proposals that are included in the strategy.

Advocacy groups like Sisters Inside and the Queensland Human Rights Commission have warned that these amendments announced to the Youth Justice Act this year will contravene the Queensland Human Rights Act protections on the rights of children.
But the government is charging ahead with them anyway, so this week we dig into the claims, ideas, and faulty logic underneath these proposals to understand what’s going on with youth justice in Queensland.