Let’s Talk – Politics with Ramzy Baroud & Jamal Nabulsi

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk…Black Politics, Chelsea & David are joined by Ramzy Baroud & Jamal Nabulsi to talk Black Palestinian Solidarity.

In the face of israel’s relentless attacks on Palestinians in Nablus this week, the Black Politics team catch up with the Palestinian-American journalist, writer and Editor of The Palestine Chronicle, Ramzy Baroud, and diaspora Palestinian PhD candidate, researcher, writer, and community organiser, Jamal Nabulsi. Together, they draw out some of the links and connections between settler colonialism in Palestine and in so-called Australia, and the long history of Black-Palestinian solidarity that grows from those shared experiences.

From Palestine to Meanjin, from the river to the sea, these scholar-activists reflect on what it means, as Palestinian academic and writer Steven Salaita puts it, “to be loyal to the dispossessed.”