This week on Let’s Talk…Social Justice, Kevin kicks off a new series of shows focusing on Indigenous climate justice and the struggle for land, water, and liveable futures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
To set the stage for the deep and wide-ranging conversations to come, this week we’re thrilled to be sharing recordings from the recent “Sovereignty and Climate Justice” event put on by the Institute of Collaborative Race Research here in Meanjin, Brisbane.

You’ll hear field recordings from the event, which was hosted by Gamillaroi and Kooma radio producer, podcaster, community organiser and parent Boe Spearim (who presents the groundbreaking podcast Frontier War Stories and is a founding member of the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.

The recordings include a panel discussion chaired by Boe, featuring Teila Watson (aka Ancestress), Jacinta Bligh, and members of the Beehive Collective (an activist arts collective dedicated to ‘cross-pollinating the grassroots’). 

Across this show, we’ll be recognising, as the event made clear, that “Black lives and Black land are at the heart of all fights for justice across the continent”, meaning that “climate justice work grounded in Indigenous sovereignty makes the interconnectedness of our shared fights clear by demanding anti-racism, growing solidarities, and providing a genuine foundation for climate action.”

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