Let’s Talk…Black Politics with Jonathan Sriranganathan

This week on Let’s Talk…Black Politics, Chelsea & David catch up with the soon-to-be EX- Greens Councillor for the Gabba Ward, Jonathan Sriranganathan, to reflect on the legacies and lessons of Jonno’s time on the Brisbane City Council, and what comes next. In a move that surprised some commentators, Jonno announced his resignation from his position on Sunday 26th March, stepping aside so that arts worker, DJ and community organiser Trina Massey could take up the role (becoming the first out, queer, woman of colour to sit on the Brisbane City Council.) 

In a wide-ranging and critical conversation, Chelsea, David & Jonno talk through the political lessons learned in the 7 years that Jonno has spent on the Brisbane City Council.
They think together about the challenge of holding your line; the grind of being a “lone voice” in a violent institution; and the price paid for uncompromising solidarity. And they reflect on what it means to reckon with complicity; to stay grounded in communities of accountability and critique; and to know when it’s time to step back, to rest, and re-strategise.