This week on Let’s Talk…Social Justice, Kevin continues exploring the intersections of Indigenous justice and climate change, and the diverse ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are responding to and fighting back against climate colonialism. On today’s show, we head a little north of Meanjin to catch up with young Butchulla and Woppaburra leader, scientist, and community organiser, Jade Gould.

Jade’s Masters research examined the impacts of climate change on First Nations peoples – particularly the Butchulla people. She was the Chairperson and Director of the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation Native Title Prescribed Body Corporate for several years, and her achievements in this role were staggering: including the repatriation of the name K’gari, leading the management of the 2020 K’Gari wildfires, and injecting millions of dollars into the Butchulla circular economy through increasing paid employment opportunities for Butculla people on Country.

Jade has also been a member of the Woppaburra Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreement since 2013, ensuring that Woppaburra people have a voice in the management of Woppaburra sea country. She is also a member of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Traditional Owner Healthy Water Technical Working Group, helping to co-design and co-deliver the Healthy Water Program.

On this week’s episode, we take this opportunity to talk with Jade about her work in creating sustainable futures for Butchulla and Woppaburra people on their homelands. We dig into some of the connections between Indigenous sovereignty and climate justice, and focus on the essential role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination in addressing the worsening consequences of climate change.