Let’s Talk…The Arts with Samantha Faulkner

This week on Let’s Talk…The Arts, Rachael gets stuck into the world of Writers Festivals with author and curator Samantha Faulkner. Samantha is a Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal woman, from Badu and Moa Islands in the Torres Strait and the Yadhaigana and Wuthathi peoples of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. She is the proud author of Life Blong Ali Drummond: A Life in the Torres Strait, (Aboriginal Studies Press, July 2007) and editor of Pamle: Torres Strait Islanders in Canberra (2018).Her poetry and short stories are published nationally and internationally. 

In addition to her own work as a writer, Samantha is also one of the curator’s behind this year’s Brisbane Writers Festival, which opens on Wednesday 10th May and runs through until Sunday 14th May. In this conversation, Rachael and Samantha talk about storytelling and the power of words, and the function that writers festivals play in fostering spaces for collaboration and connection among emerging and established writers.

Plus, we talk through what’s on this year’s program, and sneak a peak into Samantha’s must-read list for this year.