Let’s Talk…The Arts with Perry Mooney

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk…The Arts, Rachael catches up with the extraordinary model, actor, and all-round icon, Perry Mooney.

Perry is a Yuwi person with South Sea Islander heritage stemming from the Solomon Islands, as well as Euro-Australian lineage, who grew up predominantly in Brisbane. They are an accomplished First Nations runway model, having appeared in two Australian Fashion Week shows produced by the non-for-profit organisation First Nations Fashion and Design.

They’ve also appeared in multiple commercials for large brands, and made their stage debut at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in 2022, winning the Matilda Award for Best Emerging Artist for their role as “Grace” in Queen’s City. Continuing their journey into film and tv, Perry is about to step into a television role with ABC’s newest and hottest comedy Gold Diggers, as well as a bunch of other exciting forthcoming film projects. 

In this conversation, Rachael and Perry talk about the joys and struggles of life, from the runway, to the stage door, and the studio. They think through some of the intersections of race and gender that shape Perry’s experiences as a performer and model, and why it matters that diverse Blak artists are taking up space in the performing arts.