Let’s Talk…The Arts with Aurora Liddle Christie

This week on Let’s Talk…the Arts, Rachael is joined by the multidisciplinary artist Aurora Liddle Christie to talk about community, collaboration and the joys of creating artwork collectively.

Aurora is a Meanjin-based Arrernte-Afro-Carribean multidisciplinary artist. Her music (SOLCHLD), spoken word poetry, performance and play-writing explore the liminal space she occupies in her experience. Addressing themes such as identity, decolonisation, healing, home and relationships, Aurora maps the journey as she walks it, offering lessons learnt along the way. 

A storyteller whose practice spans poetry, music, theatre, and visual art, Aurora is a familiar face in the Meanjin community art and music scene.

In this deep dive into her life and work, Rachael talks to Aurora about what it means to create in community: the power and joy of collective work, the challenges of creative collaboration, and the long history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists working for and with the communities they serve.