This week on Let’s Talk – Social Justice, Kevin shares live recordings from the growing Justice for Palestine movement here in so-called brisbane. As an Aboriginal community-controlled radio station, we know firsthand the importance of telling the truth about the violence of colonisation, past and present. And we are proud to continue that legacy of truth-telling in our coverage of the Justice for Palestine movement right here in so-called brisbane. For over a decade, Justice for Palestine organisers have been tirelessly working on boycott, divestment and sanctions strategies to challenge Israel’s colonial project in Palestine. In the past couple of months, this work has intensified, with organisers holding weekly community meetings, pickets, blockades, boycotts, civil disobedience actions, and weekly mass protests since the siege on Gaza escalated.

In today’s show, we’re bringing you a round-up of the struggle so far. We’re going all the way back to the snap rally called on the 13th October and playing speeches from each of the events held here in so-called brisbane, each one a testament to the breadth and power of the movement building in this place. First up, you’ll hear from Palestinian writer and student Zayd Nabulsi, and Tamil settler and writer, musician, organiser, and Greens candidate for Mayor, Jonathan Sriranganathan, both speaking at the very first rally on the 13th October. You’ll then hear Jewish writer and academic, and co-director of the Institute for Collaborative Race Research, Dr. Liz Strakosch speaking at a vigil held on Friday 27th October this year. After this, we’ll go to a talk offered by Birri Gubba organiser and film-maker Sam Watson Junior, who spoke to a packed public meeting on Wednesday 1st November about the history of international solidarity in so-called brisbane, and why we must stand with Palestine, now and always. Finally, we’ll round out the show with speeches from Palestinian student and activist Malaak, speaking on Sunday 5th November; Darumbal and South Sea Islander scholar and journalist Amy McQuire, speaking on Sunday 12th November; and Palestinian organiser, educator and protest MC, Remah, from Sunday 19th November. 

This show helps crystalise the tough and vital conversations we’ve been having all year into a clear demand for justice, for everyone, everywhere. From the river to the sea, always was, always will be.