98.9FM understands this time of year isn’t easy for everyone, especially for those living in poverty.

The good news is there are ways to share the joy and help struggling families put food on the table and breathe easier, like the gift of giving.

That’s why Aunty Jean, a deadly woman with a big heart, has been yarning with about her Christmas appeal, as she’s seen what poverty looks like first hand

Actually – the Christmas appeal’s not really hers, according to Aunty Jean…

“Well I like to think it’s not only me, I like to acknowledge other people who have been and are still involved in this area. There’s a lot of folk, including non-Aboriginal people, all journeying with us in this area and I’d like to think we have been trying to work together to be able to help families at this time of the year…”

Dedicating approximately 30 years of her life to the Christmas appeal and supporting struggling families across Queensland, Aunty Jean recognises the real issue of poverty and sees the need for all Australians to come together to build a better Australia.

Learn more and listen to Aunty Jean yarn with Jamie Dunn (Breakfast Show) about the ins and outs of the 98.9FM Christmas appeal and Aunty Jean work in community. At the Murri School on Friday 29th November, 2019.


2019-11-28 Interview with Kaava Watson, Aunty Jean and Ravina Waldron.

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