National Nutrition Week (14 – 20 October) is a timely reminder for mob to eat healthy.

Nutrition Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, which seeks to inspire health eating for everyone across the country, has embarked on it’s annual Nutrition Week campaign.

Tryfor5 is encouraging people  to increase their vegetable consumption to five serves a day.  There’s also healthy recipe ideas and how-to videos for novices.

However there’s a growing trend, especially among First Nations peoples, to swap Western foods for traditional diets.

Mother and son team, Kaiyu and Tiga Bayles Jnr, developed a 10-part radio/podcast series called Decolonise Your Diet which explores the many benefits of bush foods and traditional approaches to well-being.

Listen to the series here and visit Kaiyu’s and Tiga Jnr’s page here.

Image: Salad bowl