Nicholas Currie-Inns is a young emerging artist who trained at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts. He has since worked with many companies including Bangarra Dance Theatre and Sydney Dance Company. Nic is currently working at Digi Youth Arts as an Assistant Producer and extending his dance training at Dynamite Studios.

More than 1200 community submissions have informed a stage play dissecting how different corners of Australia view our nations contested history.

Queensland’s Digi Youth Arts in solidarity with performance collective the Good Room present the tongue-in-cheek critique of ‘so-called Australia’ COOKED in QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre.

The title is a play on the Australian vernacular often used for strange, wrong or denounced with reference to captain James Cook.

A sometimes earnest, often reclaimed and overall humorous presentation of long-contested pieces of the continents history are coupled with parodied pieces of Australiana stereotypes and culture for audiences to consider.