Nathan Talsma is a Butchulla Man from K’gari, with family connections to the Richards and Pursehouse, he could tell the story of why he got the last name Talsma & Nate The Plover Whisperer, though that’s not what this podcast is about…

Nathan Talsma catches up with various people celebrating NAIDOC Week from Logan at the Kingston Butter Factory on Yugambeh Country.

The day it’s self was hit by light rain and their was still a huge crowd, something Deadly worth mentioning was how after the Traditional dancing finished the rain cleared up from the sky for around 40 minutes, it was something you had to be their to witness.

Thank You to, everybody who really stepped up and made an effort it was cool for once in my life been able to celebrate NAIDOC in the community that’s Nathan has lived in for 13+ Years