This week on Let’s Talk – Social Justice, Kevin kicks off his final series of the year: Solidarity through Sovereignty. In this series, he talks through diverse struggles for justice and liberation, all anchored in a commitment to honouring Indigenous peoples’ sovereignty and locating the fight against colonisation at the heart of justice work.

To kick off this final series, Kevin catches up with abolitionist lawyer and advocate, CEO of Sisters Inside Debbie Kilroy, to celebrate the 10th Sisters Inside Conference here in so-called brisbane, kicking off on Wednesday 8th November. The conference brings together speakers like Angela Davis, Aunty Mary Graham, Gina Dent, Chelsea Watego, Amy McQuire, Sandy O’Sullivan, Erica Meiners, Tabitha Lean, Pamela Palmater, Latoya Rule, and many, many others. In this conversation, Debbie sets the scene for the conference by (re)introducing our listeners to the work of prison abolition here in so-called australia. Kevin and Debbie talk through the ongoing struggle against all forms of incarceration, policing, institutionalised punishment, surveillance, and state violence; and why it’s so important to challenge these practices wherever they emerge.