This week on Let’s Talk – Black Arts, we’re getting down and dirty with the artists behind The Blak Laundry: Gamilaroi woman and interdisciplinary arts-based researcher Dominique Chen, and Ngugi (Quandamooka) conceptual and public artist Libby Harward. In a wide-ranging conversation, Dom and Libby talk through the intersections of their creative practices and The Blak Laundry project, recently installed at the Woodford Folk Festival. The Blak Laundry is “a functional laundromat – and exhibition space – for conversation, collaboration, and celebration of all things Blak.” The concept, Dom and Libby note, “is simple.” You bring some “dirty linen, pop it on a warm wash, and engage in critical conversation whilst it cleans.”

The idea might be simple, but the conversations that the work prompts are anything but. So rinse off the summer, and join Rachael as she soaks up some critical reflections on art, politics, and the importance of airing this country’s dirty laundry.

Image credit:  Ketakii Jewson-Brown.