Start your week right as we kick off a new year of Let’s Talk with a brand new Monday show, hosted by familiar faves Prof. Chelsea Watego & Dr. David Singh from QUT’s Carumba Institute.

Chelsea and David bring their trademark banter, critical inquiry, uncompromising solidarity and sometimes-controversial truth-telling back to the airwaves for 2024, in a new show that honours Black intellectual traditions on this continent and beyond. This week, Chelsea & David talk through the trauma of ‘back to school’ week in the colony, and what it will mean for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids to return to school in a week bookended by Invasion Day on Friday 26th January and renewed conversations about “Australia Day”.

They reflect on the bizarre political configurations unfolding in this moment – from media silence on the groundbreaking South African case charging Israel with genocide in the International Court of Justice, to the “white fury” surrounding Woolworth’s decision to stop stocking “Australia Day” merchandise in their stores, and the struggle to “keep the fire burning” this Invasion Day, and always.

An unmissable, joyful, important conversation to get us back on air for 2024.