Elizabeth Walker on culture, community & the strength we build together

This week on Let’s Talk…Social Justice, Kevin expands the vision of Indigenous health justice by reflecting on the role of culture, art, activism and community in the work of building strong, healthy First Nations communities.

Kevin is joined in the studio by Kgiyarrah, better known as Elizabeth Walker, who is a Nunakal, Ngugi and Goenpul woman of the Quandamooka nation off the coast of Meanjin (brisbane). Elizabeth is a poet and a writer who is active in advocating for justice, self-determination and cultural autonomy for First Nations communities. Inspired by her late great-grandmother Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Elizabeth uses writing as a method of expression that helps to reflect the critical relationships and connections between Aboriginal people, culture, country, and kin. 

In this episode, Kevin and Elizabeth reflect on what it means to build a vision of Indigenous health justice that takes these critical connections seriously: recognising that unless country, culture & kin are healthy, health justice cannot be realised for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.