In this special live show, tune in as Let’s Talk – Referendum host, Karen Paterson, catches up with Rhianna Patrick from the National Indigenous Radio Service & veteran activist, community worker and thought leader, Uncle Les Collins. Karen & Rhianna kick off the show by digging into the results of the 2023 Referendum on the Voice to Parliament. They talk through the details that we already know about the distribution of support for the Voice to Parliament, and the importance of seriously reckoning with the racism that has shaped the whole Referendum debate.

In the second part of the show, Karen catches up with Uncle Les Collins to put the referendum result in the longer context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organising, activism and resistance. They talk about what this means for the treaty process in Queensland and nationally, and whether the failed referendum will impact truth-telling processes.

So if you’ve been struggling to make sense of the result, listen in to this rich discussion as Karen, Rhianna & Uncle Les offer their reflections on this moment, and what it means for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people across the country.