The new POODMARE-BA program is a Human Services initiative and designed to assist recruitment into our Family Wellbeing Service and Youth teams. It’s all about supporting mob who would like to make a career shift to community services but don’t have the qualifications, experience and/or confidence to make the move.

POODMARE-BA (pronounced pood-mair-ba the ‘’oo” as in wood) translates as “to lift up” place; place where one goes to new levels of learning, growth and work experiences, and skills are enhanced professionally, economically, personally and social-culturally. The name was created in consultation with Elders.

Whether applicants have experience working in a different industry or would like to work after raising children, this program recognizes past skills and will provide a new career pathway. It will also provide on-the-job training giving the participant the chance to complete formal qualifications.

The Human Services team will have staff on hand at our upcoming NAIDOC events to talk to community about the program. Community will have a chance to yarn to us about POODMARE-BA at Logan NAIDOC on Tuesday 5 July at Kingston Butter Factory and at Musgrave Park on Friday 8 July.