This week on Let’s Talk – Black Arts, tune in for a special in-house episode with Triple A’s own head of content and production, the brilliant creative mastermind Stevi Knagge. Stevi has had a long career working in and around media across so-called australia, and is a founder and director of creative agency Ochre Strokes. Ochre Strokes is a dedicated 100% First Nations creative agency that provides their clients with a full suite of services in marketing, communication, public relations, talent and event management with a First Nations approach and connection.

In this warm and open-ended conversation, Rachael & Stevi talk about the tensions and challenges of marketing and branding for First Nations creative workers. They reflect on the ethical questions that they ask themselves about new projects, and the work that goes into maintaining Indigenous terms of reference while navigating colonial art and media institutions.

So make yourself a cuppa and settle in for another rich and important episode of Let’s Talk – Black Arts.