This week on Let’s Talk – Black Art, Rachael catches up with poet, musician and artist Dancing Water. Hailing from the creative hub of Magandjin, Dancing Water gracefully ushers in a refreshing blend of neo soul and punk that captivates the senses. Fuelled by a profound awareness of societal injustices and an unwavering commitment to fostering global equity. Supporting big names such as 30/70, Ngaiire, Amyll and the sniffers & international artist Kamaal Williams. DancingWater skillfully weaves tales of truth and resilience through the art of spoken word, accompanied by enchanting melodies reminiscent of a bygone era, and powerful riffs that reverberate with intensity.

In this wonderful Thursday morning chat, Rachael & Nadine reflect on the joys and challenges of making art as Black women in the colony. They talk about Black Rage as an expression of love and care for First Nations people, and the urgency of using any means we have to push against the relentless violence of colonisation. Nadine shares some of their own experiences as a Black artist, performing neo soul and punk music in a scene still dominated by white artists, producers, and audiences. And they reflect on what happens when you use the platform that comes with performing as a vehicle for collective liberation, rather than personal gain.

As usual, another rich, powerful, inspiring conversation that testifies to the role of artists in the struggle for Indigenous justice, self-determination, and land back.