In this episode of Let’s Talk…the Arts, Rachael Sarra catches up with Tori-Jay and Jessie Mordey (Ketchell) to talk about their upcoming collaborative show, Apu a Neur (Mother & Daughter), opening at Aboriginal Art Co this Friday 9th February, 2024. Apu a Neur is a “celebration of culture and heritage”, where each piece helps to showcase the “cultural heritage, artistic traditions and personal narratives that have been passed down” through this extraordinary family. The exhibition plays with ideas of “tradition”, working with both traditional and contemporary influences to reflect the “unique perspectives” of both Tori-Jay and Jessie. Visually, the exhibition “invites you into a vibrant, welcoming embrace to the Torres Strait culture.”

In this warm and rich conversation, Rachael learns a little more about the themes and inspirations behind this extraordinary collaboration between mother and daughter, and the legacies of a creative life passed across generations. So make yourself a cuppa and don’t miss a word of this beautiful conversation with Torres Strait Islander artists Tori-Jay Mordey & Jessie Mordey (Ketchell).