This week on Let’s Talk – Black Knowing, Chelsea & David bring you their wrap ups and run downs from the week. They kick off with joyful reports of a statue of James Cook creatively severed at the ankles in St Kilda; a fitting start to a conversation about the power and joy on display during the Invasion Day protests and solidarity actions around the continent this week. They share a recording of Darumbal and South Sea Islander scholar and journalist Dr. Amy McQuire speaking at the Invasion Day rally here in Magan-djin, so-called brisbane, before turning to some choice examples of white nonsense on display among those remaining “defenders” of “‘Straya Day.”

From here, your favourite nerds on the frontline turn their gaze to the International Court of Justice, and the interim decision in South Africa’s case against Israel, which was delivered on Friday 26 January this year. They talk through the judgment – which clearly found that Palestinians right to protection from genocide was not being protected, though stopped short of calling for an immediate ceasefire. AND they reflect on the Australian government’s subsequent decision: to cease providing funding to the UN Refugee Agency for Palestinians in response to allegations that some staff members of the organisation were involved in the events of October 7 2023.

As usual, a huge, funny, joyful, and incisive conversation to kick off your week.