This week on Let’s Talk – Black Politics, Chelsea & David are joined in the studio by Dr. Jamal Nabulsi for a tough, essential conversation about Palestinian liberation, Indigenous sovereignty, international solidarity, and the responsibility to challenge the genocidal violence of colonisation and the discourses that obscure, hide, justify, and enable it.

Jamal is a diaspora Palestinian writer and researcher, living on the unceded sovereign lands of the Jagera and Turrbal peoples. His award-winning PhD thesis explored the intersections between emotion and resistance in Palestinian practices of graffiti and hip-hop music. In this conversation, Jamal invites listeners to forget everything the mainstream media has taught us about Palestine. He offers an introduction to the long history of colonisation and ethnic cleansing that constitutes the birth of the Israeli state. And he testifies to the ongoing violence of Israeli occupation in Palestine: from the “open-air” prison of Gaza, to the apartheid laws that see Palestinian citizens – especially those living in Gaza and the West Bank – subjected to hyper-policing, surveillance, and routine violations of human rights.

This is a difficult, urgent, and critical conversation about the necessity of telling the truth about settler colonial violence and debunking Zionist propaganda. From the West Bank to West End: we must stand in solidarity with Palestinians everywhere who are demanding freedom, justice, and self-determination, the right to return, and an end to the apartheid regime of settler colonial occupation.

You can find out more about upcoming events in so-called brisbane here. And be sure to get yourself a ticket for the Blackfella Palestinian Solidarity Symposium that Jamal & Chelsea discuss in this interview. From the river to the sea, Palestine WILL be free.