This week on Let’s Talk – Black Politics, Chelsea & David wrap up 2023 with another set of recordings from the extraordinary Blackfulla Palestinian Solidarity Symposium. This symposium was held in Magan-djin, so-called Brisbane, on Tuesday 7th November, 2023, at the State Library of Queensland. It was co-organised by the Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN), Magan-djin Blackfulla Palestinian Solidarity, and Sisters Inside Qld.

In last week’s show, we heard from Dr. Shane Coghill, Amy McQuire, Rihab Charida, Boe Spearim. This week, we kick off with a very special spoken word hip hop performance from our dear comrade, Palestinian researcher and writer Dr. Jamal Nabulsi, before hearing from the incredible Professor Angela Davis, offering a masterclass on the history and practice of Black Palestinian Solidarity globally. Finally, we wrap up with some extraordinary and very moving poetry from Wejdan Shamala, offering a heavy and poignant reminder of the human scale of the violence unfolding in Gaza right now, and the toll of speaking truth in this moment.

If you find yourself gripped by these conversations and wanting more, head over to the Institute for Collaborative Race Research website where you can watch a full video recording of the event, as well as the program with details about the speakers, actions to take in support of Palestine, and how to keep up with work happening on the ground: General 2 — Institute for Collaborative Race Research ( There are also screenings of the film coming up across the country and overseas, so check the ICRR website for details about where and when you can head along to watch.