This week on Let’s Talk – Black Power, Ruby takes you to King George Square on Sunday 3rd March this year to learn from the remarkable history and present of Palestinian women’s liberation organising. We hear from Jackie, an organiser with Shut Down Ferra, a local collective committed to challenging the complicity of the queensland government and the brisbane city council in enabling the export of weapons to Israel. We then hear from Haneen, a Palestinian spoken word poet, testifying to the strength, power and legacy of the Palestinian matriarchy, and the struggle for justice for Palestine, followed by a staunch Palestinian mother and organiser, whose sovereignty and strength is expressed through her family’s refusal to forget. Next, we’re hearing from Senator Larissa Waters, the Greens spokesperson for women, who explains the responsibility that elected representatives hold to stand in solidarity with Palestinian women and learn from the strength of Palestinian resistance. Next, you’ll hear the familiar tones of Ruby Wharton, connecting the struggle of Palestinian women to the ongoing struggle against colonial violence on these lands, and the invitation for Palestinians to find a homeland on Gomeroi country until they can return to their own. Finally, we hear from youth organiser and activist Hidaya, in a moving speech reminding us not to lose sight of the harrowing experiences that Palestinian women are facing in this moment. All in all, urgent and important reminders of the ongoing genocide in Palestine, and the role that we all need to play in amplifying the struggle for justice right here.