This week on Let’s Talk – Black Power, Ruby brings you a recording from the Trans Prisoner Solidarity panel held in Woolloongabba on Friday 2nd February this year. This rich conversation brings together Wiradjuri non-binary Professor Sandy O’Sullivan, CEO of Sisters Inside Deb Kilroy, youth worker and trans prison abolitionist Necho Brocchi & Ruby herself to think through the everyday work of abolishing harmful systems and structures. They talk a bit about the importance of connecting the struggle for a free Palestine to the struggle against all forms of domination, oppression and incarceration, and the crucial reminder that until all of us are free, none of us are free.

This event was a fundraiser for two essential community campaigns that you can support:

Fundraiser by Incarcerated TGD Community Fund : Incarcerated Trans & Gender Diverse Community Fund (

Justice for Palestine – Magan-djin (follow their work on facebook, instagram & via their mailing list)