This week on Let’s Talk – Black Power, Ruby & special guest co-host Kevin Yow Yeh bring us into April with their round-up of the crisis conditions of the present moment, and the many struggles for justice, freedom, liberation, dignity and accountability that are being fought on every horizon. They reflect on the intensifying moral panic around “youth crime” in Queensland, and the way that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids are targeted, over-policed, and over-incarcerated in this state, with destructive consequences. And they talk through the way that “crime” is being positioned as a key election issue in 2024, and the work that we all need to do to challenge our friends, colleagues and neighbours not to fall for it. They talk through some of the confusing and frustrating political dynamics emerging in this moment: the persistent denial of genocide in Gaza, the constant manufacturing of “crises” around youth crime to distract from the real issues facing most people, and the importance of standing in solidarity with all peoples’ experiencing racism, oppression, occupation, surveillance, and incarceration.