Let’s Talk…The Arts with Dylan Mooney

This week on Let’s Talk…The Arts, Rachael meets proud Yuwi, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander man Dylan Mooney to talk painting, printmaking, digital illustration, and the role of art in “telling stories of resilience, thriving, survival and futurity” for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In a rich conversation, these two creative powerhouses talk history, culture and family: tracing their own creative trajectories through the legacies of their families and the ancestors that came before them. Dylan talks about growing up in Mackay, armed with a rich cultural upbringing, and the responsibility he feels to translate the knowledge and stories passed down to him, through art.

Dylan talks a bit about how he’s found ways to work creatively as a visual artist who is legally blind, to develop a “high impact illustrative style with bright, saturated color that reflects his experiences with keen political energy and insight.” All in all, this is a powerful conversation between two of the most exciting artists working in the present moment. Absolutely not to be missed.