Let’s Talk… Indigenous Business with Gordon Cole – Part 2

Today on Let’s Talk Business features Part 2 of 2 with Gordon Cole an entrepreneur in the business and community space. Gordon has been in leadership roles for over 25 years and has successfully led and played a key role in the establishment of a number of community not for profit organisations and was part of the founding group and current chair of The Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As a traditional owner negotiator, he played an active role in the Noongar Native Title Negotiations of the Southwest Settlement, the first of its kind in Australia. In the last ten years he has successfully built a number of businesses in the Indigenous services, coaching, mentoring, leadership and workwear supply space and has picked up numerous awards in his time.

This episode explores Gordon’s role in setting up the Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the roles chambers play to support Indigenous businesses. This episode also explores, unlocking the potential of Indigenous businesses in trade, philanthropic and investment space, navigating Black poltics in business, and Gordon’s vision for the future of Indigenous Business in Australia.