Let’s Talk…Social Justice with Meg Williams

This week on Let’s Talk…Social Justice, Kevin is joined by Professor Megan Williams to talk about the health implications of prisons and policing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Prof Williams is a Wiradjuri person and from Girra Maa, the Indigenous Health Discipline at the University of Technology, Sydney and from Yulang Indigenous Evaluation. Megan has worked for over two decades advocating for the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s expertise in health service design and evaluation, especially to improve access to health care for people in prison and to prevent incarceration.

Megan is author of the Ngaa-bi-nya Aboriginal Evaluation framework, used as part of the Australian Government’s Indigenous Evaluation Strategy. Megan is a member of the AIHW National Prisoner Health Information Committee and Corrective Services NSW Aboriginal Advisory Council. Megan has been miimi (sister) of Mibbinbah community organisation for 15 years, and is Chairperson of independent media company Croakey.org.

In this episode, Kevin and Megan talk through the health implications of incarceration in this country, and the ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are incarcerated are locked out of safe and effective health care.