Let’s Talk…Social Justice with Natasha Lee

This week on Let’s Talk…Social Justice, Kevin catches up with Mualgal (Moa Island, Zenadth Kes), Yidinji, Kullilli & Thunghutti woman Nat Lee. Nat grew up on Quandamooka and Mamu countries, and she is an advocate, truth seeker, and explorer in Indigenous health with a background in Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health (though these Western accolades are not a part of her identity.)

Nats work experience spans across the community-controlled health sector, tertiary education, health research, and public service, both State and Commonwealth. Natasha has more than several years of experience working with traditional owners on traditional countries across QLD, NSW, and ACT and credits these connections to further expanding cultural knowledge and understandings of planetary health. 

Nat is a PhD Candidate, and her research explores the concept of public health on Indigenous terms that better serves an Indigenous public good. In this rich and far-ranging conversation, Kevin learns a little about Natasha’s current PhD research and the possibility of – and struggle for – Indigenous health justice.