Let’s Talk…The Arts with Keisha Leon

This week on Let’s Talk…the arts, Rachael Sarra talks to Waanyi and Kalkadoon artist and creative consultant, Keisha Leon. In todays chat we are going to talk in detail about how Keisha is shaking things up and redefining and redesigning what it means to run a creative studio and her decision to let go of Leon Design and move into the next phase of her career running Cause/Affect. Cause/Affect believes Actions speak louder than words. Their purpose is to make a positive impact on causes that matter to people through creativity, collaboration and storytelling. In this episode, Rachael and Keisha reflect on the challenges and triumphs of running creative businesses as Aboriginal women in this country: the frustrations of fighting systemic racism, and the joys of finding work that matters, and making it work for yourself and your community.