This week on Let’s Talk – Social Justice, Kevin catches up with the incredible Goorie writer and community worker Melissa Lucashenko to talk about her brand new book, Edenglassie. The book follows a speculative history of so-called brisbane in its alternative iteration as Edenglassie. In this gorgeous new novel, Lucashenko weaves together a set of stories that span centuries and torch Queensland’s colonial myths. 

In this week’s episode, we learn a little about the importance of telling the truth about the colony, and the power of excavating threads of dissent, refusal, resistance and possibility from the historical record. Plus, we get a super special *sneak peak* of the new novel as Melissa introduces us to Grannie Eddie Blanket right at the moment that the “obstinate centenarian” is experiencing a calamitous fall in the inner city of Migunchin, opening the novel, and quite literally *grounding* us in the world of Lucashenko’s Edenglassie.

If you want to find out more about the book, head over to the UQP website. You can also find details of the book launch event here in so-called brisbane here. You can also check out Melissa’s other writings here.