This week on Let’s Talk – Black Politics, our favourite political duo Chelsea Watego & David Singh introduce the ideas, concepts, questions and concerns behind their new series of Let’s Talk Black Politics, on the Politics of Black Knowledge Production.

From the university to the library shelves, the Black radio station and the kitchen table, Chelsea and David have brought together an incredible group of Black scholars, theorists, writers, activists, and knowledge-producers to talk about what it means to refuse colonial terms of reference and tell the truth about this place.

In this unmissable first episode, Chelsea and David talk about what drew them into the university in the first place, and what keeps them there, despite its violence. They challenge some of the persistent colonial myths about Black knowledge and its place in the colony, and reiterate the joy and power in carving out spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be “unmitigatedly Black” and uncompromisingly sovereign in their knowing, being & doing.