Kick off your week with Chelsea Watego & David Singh live in the studio for a tough and important show dedicated to honouring all of those families and communities on the frontlines of global struggles against racial violence, state-sanctioned murder, and genocide. Chelsea & David begin by reflecting on Ezra Mam’s experiences of racism during the Las Vegas NRL game on the weekend, and the links between these everyday iterations of racial violence and the state-sanctioned racism that causes deaths in custody.

They then turn to talk through the launch of Yalanya, the biography of Pastor Don Brady, and the importance of honouring and learning from the struggles of community Elders. They reflect on the joy of joining Uncle Graham Brady’s Black Church on Friday to officially launch the book, and the critical lessons that Pastor Don Brady’s life and work offer to everyone working against intersecting forms of injustice in the present moment.

In the second half of this week’s episode, Chelsea and David turn to ongoing struggles against racial violence on this continent, and the tireless work of families and communities in seeking accountability for their loved ones who have died in police custody, prisons, and health settings. As always, these are tough conversations, and they include descriptions of state-sanctioned racial violence, racist neglect, stereotyping, and suicide. Chelsea and David wrap up the show with Joy, reading a letter she wrote for Makalie Watts-Owen. The show ends with a moment of silence, marking our respect for all those families fighting, mourning, and remembering their loved ones.

A reminder that if anything discussed in this week’s episode triggers difficult feelings for you, we encourage you to reach out to friends and family, or to call Lifeline for free, confidential counselling support on 13 11 14.