This week on Let’s Talk – Black Knowing, Chelsea & David catch up with Associate Professor Amanda Porter to learn about Amanda’s experiences on the intellectual frontline of the fight against racial violence, police impunity and colonial injustice. Dr. Porter introduces listeners to her research into the history of policing, and its deep links to regimes of private property, white possession and European imperialism. She talks about the origin of her interest in policing, drawing on her own experiences growing up in a racially segregated rural town, noticing how the white parts of town were policed in very different ways to the Black community where she lived. Together, Chelsea, David & Amanda talk about the political possibilities that they see in intellectual work, particularly in work done for and with families whose loved ones have been victims of state-sanctioned racial violence. They reflect on the ways that academic institutions make it harder to do this work, and the necessity of doing it anyway.

So strap in for another huge episode of Let’s Talk Black Knowing, and be sure to send us all your questions and reflections!