Tune in this morning for a very special episode of Let’s Talk – Black Power recorded in collaboration with our cousins at 3CR in Naarm. This morning, Ruby crosses live to the makeshift 3CR studio at Camp Sovereignty to chat to veteran activist, broadcaster and community leader, Uncle Robbie Thorpe. We learn about the origins of Camp Sovereignty, and about the history of some of its foundational principles. Uncle Robbie talks us through some of his most prominent contributions to Black struggle, including the strategies of Pay the Rent, the Genocide Sovereignty Tax (GST). He introduces us to the idea of Black sovereign municipalism, and the project of treatying at the level of communities and municipalities rather than states.

Ruby & Uncle Robbie talk through the significance of Camp Sovereignty as a site of resistance in so-called melbourne, and work to understand its role in shaping and sustaining the ongoing struggles against colonial violence everywhere. And they reflect on the power and importance of Black community media, from Camp Sovereignty to Boundary Street.

Get yourself a cuppa, and get ready to be fired up by another exceptional episode of Let’s Talk Black Power with Ruby Wharton.