Let’s Talk…The Arts with Keeahn

This week on Let’s Talk…The Arts, Rachael meets the extraordinary musician and performer Kee’ahn to catch up on the whirlwind journey of music-making they’ve been on for the past few years.

Kee’ahn is a proud Kuku Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadh Kes person who moved from their North Queensland hometown to the lands of the Kulin nation in Naarm to pursue their dream of making music for a living. They were awarded the Archie Roach Foundation Award at the 2020 National Indigenous Music Awards, and since then, their career has grown from strength to strength.

Rachael caught up with Kee’ahn this week to learn about what drives their creative practice, and how they’re working to honour the powerful cultural and political legacies of their ancestors through their music. And we get a super special introduction to their BRAND NEW, soon-to-be-released track, Sunsets, which will be available for your listening pleasure later this week.