Let’s Talk…The Arts with Birdz

This week on Let’s Talk…The Arts, we’re coming to you from this year’s incredible Blak Day Out. Self-proclaimed mega-fan Rachael heads backstage to catch up with the incredible rapper and storyteller: Birdz. A proud Butchulla man raised in Katherine N.T.,

Birdz is renowned for his unique brand of hard-hitting Hip Hop embodying strong messages of hope and self-determination. In this joyful and wide-ranging conversation, they follow Birdz unique Train of Thought (2017) to understand the ongoing and intergenerational struggle for justice & self-determination on these lands.

Rachael and Birdz talk through the role that artists can play in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to carve out a Place of Dreams (2019) right here in the colony. And they reflect on the Legacy (2021) that Birdz is creating for his family and his community; the potential power of pop, rap, & radical truth-telling as tools for collective liberation & celebration.