Let’s Talk…The Arts with Wellborn

This week on Let’s Talk…The Arts, Rachael catches up with self-taught Ngarabal artist and musician Wellborn.
The name Wellborn comes from his father’s Welsh heritage, and it means first-born son and young warrior.
As an emerging artist and performing, Wellborn is consistently working to hone his craft. His work serves many functions: a shield against the violence of this place, but also a tool for building connection and community with others.

Across diverse mediums and with a variety of techniques and strategies, Wellborn strives to convey how he sees reality and the effects of colonialism on his country and his culture. In this deep and thoughtful conversation, Rachael and Wellborn dig into the big questions about life as an artist: what it means to try and express yourself creatively; whether art can be a tool for political engagement; and the challenge of not knowing how other people will interpret your work.