Let’s Talk…The Arts with Amanda Hayman

This week on Let’s Talk…The Arts, Rachael is joined in the studio by the creative force behind some of the most popular and well-loved creative projects in the country: Kalkadoon and Wakka Wakka woman, Amanda Hayman. 

Amanda is a creative thinker with expertise in contemporary Aboriginal art, exhibition curation, and activating spaces. She has a particular interest in social history relating to place, especially First Nations oral history and living memories, and enjoys working in partnership with artists and designers to creatively express these narratives.

In this episode of Let’s Talk…the Arts, Rachael and Amanda think together about the joys and challenges of curating contemporary Aboriginal art, and the importance of creatively re-surfacing Indigenous people’s histories and knowledge of place and country.

They think through the challenges of ensuring that your creative work reflects your political, cultural, and social values, and the value of building an ethic of practice that anchors everything you do. All in all, an absolutely jam-packed conversation!