This week on Let’s Talk – Black Politics, Chelsea & David catch up with their good friend and co-conspirator Dr. Liz Strakosch. Liz is a lecturer in political science at the University of Melbourne, a director of the Institute of Collaborative Race Research, and a proud “nerd on the frontline.” She is a white Jewish settler scholar who aims to carry out politically located research that respects Indigenous sovereignty. Her work focuses on Indigenous policy, colonialism, political relationships, bureaucracy and new public management.

In this episode, Chelsea, David & Liz dig into the perils and possibilities of the university, and the possible uses of academic work. They talk about their shared work with ICRR and the opportunities they’ve created for academic work that directly supports families and communities struggling against state-sanctioned violence and racial discrimination.

So if you’ve ever wondered what the point of academic work is, strap in for this important reminder that the real reason we sharpen our intellectual tools is so that we might eventually use them.