At 989FM we’ve always known of the importance of First Nations voices to be heard on radio, that’s why at the end of 2017 we decided to create The Original 100 a playlist to be played on the 26th of January the playlist encompasses a 100 song from Aboriginal & Torres Striate Islander people from around the continent that speaks of our struggles and triumphs.





Interviews on the day

Jack Latimore: Dan speaks with NITV’s Jack Latimore around Invasion Day.

Chris Crebbin: Dan caught up with Chris Crebbin who was a part of the Sunrise Ceremony for NITV.

Kelly Kemp: Kelly Kemp from My Murri Kitchen stopped by with Dan & Clay during the Original 100 broadcast to talk about the upcoming My Murri Kitchen radio show.

Jhindu Lawrie: Jhindu Lawrie kicked off with Dan & Clay for the Original 100 with a deadly yarn around Invasion Day and a live song.

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We hope you enjoy The Original 100 2020 playlist.
Please note not all 100 songs are available on this Spotify as they have not been uploaded to the platform by the said artist.

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Full list of songs that made it to 2020 – Original 100


Song title


1 Treaty Yothu Yindi
2 My Island Home Warumpi Band
3 Anthem Tiddas
4 Coz I’m Free Christine Anu
5 Took The Children Away Archie Roach
6 Black Boy Coloured Stone
7 Better in Blak Thelma Plum
8 Blackfella Whitefella Warumpi Band
9 Sunshine on A Rainy Day Christine Anu
10 January 26th A.B. Original ft Dan Sultan
11 Native Tongue Mojo Juju
12 From little things big things grow Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody
13 Black Smoke Emily Wurramara
14 Freedom Ride Troy Cassar-Daley ft Paul Kelly
15 Fight Loren Ryan
16 Dumb Things A.B Original ft Paul Kelly
17 Homecoming Queen Thelma Plum
18 My Sister Tiddas
19 Koori Rose Roger Knox
20 Inanay Tiddas
21 The Children Came Back Briggs, Gurrumul Yunupingu and Dewayne Everettsmith
22 Blak Woman Mauiral Spearim
23 Tribal Voice Yothu Yindi
24 Charcoal Lane Archie Roach
25 Dream Out Loud Troy Cassar-Daley
26 How Much Does Your Love Cost? Thelma Plum
27 Beautiful Child Archie Roach
28 Shadows on the Hill Troy Cassar-Daley
29 Down City Streets Archie Roach
30 Black Woman Emma Donovan & The Putbacks
31 Djapana Yothu Yindi
32 Hey Love Emily Wurramara
33 Dancing In The Moonlight Coloured Stone
34 Brisbane Blacks Mop & the Dropouts
35 Yorta Yorta Man Jimmy Little
36 Black Magic – Baker Boy ft. Dallas Woods
37 Natural Woman Kaiit
38 Thou Shalt Not Steal Kev Carmody
39 The Language Song Troy Cassar-Daley
40 Brown Skin Baby (They Take Him Away) Bob Randall
41 OG Luv Kush p.2 Kaiit
42 We Have Survived No Fixed Address
43 Tiddas Tiddas
44 Going Home Stiff Gins
45 Ngurra (Rain Song) Kardajala Kirridarra
46 Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind) Gurrumul Yunupingu
47 Drowning Miiesha
48 Kimberley Calling Dan Sultan
49 World Turning Yothu Yindi
50 Bapa Gurrumul Yunupingu
51 I Feel Better But I Don’t Feel Good Alice Skye
52 Charcoal Pieces Maggie Walsh
53 Koori Woman Marlene Cummins
54 Drover Dan Sultan
55 Proud Jason Owen & Christine Anu
56 Cannot Buy My Soul Kev Carmody
57 Friends with Feelings Alice Skye
58 Diamonds On The Water Stiff Gins
59 Murri Man Roger Knox
60 River Song Stiff Gins
61 Stompin Ground Warumpi Band
62 ICU A. B. Original ft Thelma Plum
63 From The Bush Warumpi Band
64 You Are The Mountains Alice Skye
65 Mission Ration Blues Archie Roach
66 Blackfellas Local Knowledge
67 Mabo Yothu Yindi
68 Bran Nue Dae Kuckles
69 Identity Rochelle Pitt
70 My Country Katrina Connelly
71 Streets Of Tamworth Roger Knox
72 By Your Side Tiddas
73 John Pat Archie Roach & Paul Kelly
74 Gurtha (Fire) Dhapanbal Yunupingu ft Shellie Morris
75 In Control Baker Boy
76 No More Boomerang Les Collins
77 Stolen Children Kerrianne Cox
78 Paint this Land Busby Marou
79 Swept Away Shellie Morris
80 Rosyln Dan Sultan
81 Lover Evermore Sue Ray
82 All Alone Shellie Morris
83 Walanbaa Mitch Tambo
84 Maralitja Dhapanbal Yunupingu
85 Aboriginal Woman Mixed Relations and Bart Willoughby
86 Me and My Guitar Bronwyn Stuart
87 Breadline Warumpi Band
88 Please Don’t Forget Your Culture Melanie Singleton
89 Struggle Black Rock Band
90 When Will I Be Paid? Marlene Cummins
91 Changing Times Tiddas
92 Our Home Our Land Black Arm Band
93 Yil Lul Joe Geia
94 Yandool Stiff Gins
95 Gurindji Blues Galarrwuy Yunupingu
96 Hold it Together Dan Sultan
97 Ointment Shellie Morris
98 Warrior In Chains Roger Knox
99 State of The Art Tia Gostelow
100 Indigenous Land DRMNGNOW