This week on Let’s Talk – Social Justice, Kevin continues his series on Queer & Trans Justice with visual artist, musician, graphic designer & prominent trans & queer justice activist, Amy Sargeant. Together, they talk through some of the plans for Trans Awareness Week, and particularly the National Trans Day of Resistance planned for November 25.

In a broad and critical conversation, Kevin and Amy talk through the power and joy of movements for trans justice and liberation on this continent, and the continuing reality of transphobia. Following on from last week’s enlightening discussion with Wiradjuri non-binary Professor Sandy O’Sullivan, they trace long and deep connections between queer and transphobia and continuing colonisation; and the power and importance of building movements based on uncompromising solidarity with oppressed peoples everywhere. 

Check out details about Trans Awareness Week & the Trans Day of Remembrance here: Trans Awareness Week | Trans Day of Remembrance ( And don’t forget to join in your local action as part of the national Day of Resistance on November 25.