This week on Let’s Talk – Social Justice, Kevin wraps up his series on queer & trans liberation struggles by reflecting on the specific relationship between transphobia and regimes of policing and incarceration. To do this, he’s catching up with social and policy worker and abolitionist law student Necho Brocchi. Necho introduces us to the violent reality that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trans women, and other trans people, are among the most over-policed and over-incarcerated people in the country. She explains the long-standing links between homophobia, transphobia, and racism; and helps us to understand why trans and queer liberation will not be possible without the abolition of policing, incarceration, surveillance, and the systems that enable them.

This is an important conversation for anyone who isn’t entirely sure what we mean when we say: none of us are free until all of us are free. So get yourself a cuppa and get settled in for Let’s Talk – Queer & Trans Justice.